zondag 24 augustus 2014

30 day make-up challenge: week THREE!

As we are getting closer to the beginning of school, it's getting clear to me that I wouldn't be able to keep this kind of schedule during schoolmonths. 
However, I LOVE to blog & to be blogging everyday and seeing your reactions has made my day - every day! 
The faces of the day are most convenient for me to do, as I do my make-up (almost) every day, so why not take a picture of it? As all fellow bloggers will know, reviews ask a lot more time out of the day, so in the future I will try to make sure I find some time in the weekends to review a product for you!

I hope you are enjoying this 30 day make-up challenge as much as we are :)
Here's a recap!

Even though summer is definitely over in Belgium, I made this look while it was still sizzling hot & thought I would share! - click.

I reviewed my favourite make-upremover! - click.

I'm very proud of this look! - click.

A review of one of my new baby's: Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay - click.

Favourites! This time on my favourite make-up Instagrammers! - click.

A new post from Veerle! She reviewed the Dior Maximizer Primer- click.

Decided to play with some colour, good for summer or fall! - click.

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