maandag 1 september 2014

Motivational: No Make-up Monday

Hi make-uplovers!

As our make-up challenge has come to an end, I thought it would be fun to do something a bit different: a blogpost all about not wearing make-up. 
Make-up is often seen as a mask, something which covers everything up and we can hide behind. But that's not what make-up is to me.

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To me, make-up is all about being creative. Being able to change and transform yourself or just a little enhancement. The make-up I wear depends on the mood I am in. If I want to be sexy and bold, I will go for a smokey eye and red lip - if I'm going for the "natural beauty" look I will but on some mascara, concealer and blusher and I'm out the door.
Make-up can be so many different things and can make you look one thousand different ways. But it should never be a mask.

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Ofcourse I have my ugly days, where I stand in front of the mirror & think "let's cover this up with some make-up!" or frankly just say to myself "man, you look ugly today". And when you have applied your make-up ever so flawlessly, it can really make you feel good about yourself. And it should. But if anything, please don't let your confidence depend on the amount of make-up you are wearing.

To be confident in make-up, should not mean you can not go without it. Because your face without the make-up is just as beautiful as it is with the products on your face.

Yes, you can see the blemishes, under eye circles and redness you may have got there. And yes, we all DO look a bit more tired without our daily dose of make-up. We may look tired and less flawless, but we are equally as beautiful. 

source: Pinterest

If you tend to use make-up as a mask, a cover-up of everything you don't want to see: try to half the amount of products you are using, try skipping foundation, try to go outside without your make-up. Because you are beautiful, even if you have a pimple on your face.

Today I want to share my not-retouched no make-up face with you & if you want to join, post a No Make-up Monday on your blog or tweet it to me @themakeupfamily!
This is my face with all of its imperfections: blemishes, dark circles, redness.

We are all beautiful, with or without make-up and you should feel that way.

Happy No Make-up Monday
 & I will talk to you tomorrow, about some more make-up superficial-ness ;-)


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  1. Super mooi geschreven, ik ga volledig met je akkoord! Makeup is voor mij ook meer een creatieve uiting xx


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